Best Vacation Spots for Photographers

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Most people take pictures while on vacation but there are some who go on vacation for the express purpose of finding great things to photograph. For the shutterbugs among us – the amateur and professional alike – here are a few of the best vacation spots for photographers chosen by fellow photographers that should appeal to not just the seasoned professional but also the photographer in all of us.

Photographer Vacation Spots

Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington
The harbor views alone, particularly at dusk, are enough to provide plenty of subject matter. Early risers can get a glimpse of the merchants at Place Market waiting to claim their booths for a day of trading. The eclectic culture of Seattle can make for some interesting people-watching and impromptu portraits, also it is always polite to ask before engaging the shutter. Visit during late June and prepared to be wowed by the Summer Solstice Parade and surrounding festivity. It may not be an event suitable for children, but it a very interesting and enlightening subject, especially for a photo essay.

Outer Banks, North Carolina
Nature photographers will have no shortage of material to occupy them here. The textures and shapes of the sand dunes, the random yet precise laps of water against the sands at high tide, the tranquility of the surrounding all invite some wonderful photo opportunities. Traveling North past Whale Head Bay leads to a place where wild horses cavort in the surf. On a clear day, plan to be close to Currtick Beach lighthouse at sunset for some spectacular shots over the peaceful waters.

Photography Vacation

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Arizona
There are so many things to photograph here and so many places to get good pictures, it would take a lifetime to discover them. A photographer with a good eye could spend days in a single spot here and catch new glimpse of the natural landscape and the creatures that call it home. Early risers will be able to grab some amazing sunrises and later capture the brilliant colors taken on by the mountains as the sun again sets. Stop at every possible overlook and see as much by foot as possible.

Photos: Surrealplaces & Isaac.borrego via flickr

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